Programme news

15.11.2017 at 17:11
Applications from the second call moving forward

South-East Finland – Russia CBC 2014–2020 Programme’s second call closed on 30.6.2017 and in total, 51 applications were submitted to the Programme. The administrative and eligibility compliance check, conducted by…

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14.11.2017 at 08:11
Call 3 – lead applicant workshops

Third round of a call will be closed on 28 March 2018 with the indicative financing envelope of € 6,5 Mio, and all four priorities are open for applications. Workshops,…

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07.11.2017 at 05:11
Version 4.0 of the Programme Manual is published

The Managing Authority has published updated version of the Programme Manual at PROJECTS, and it replaces the previous publication. New version includes changes in the following topics: Programme Manual is…

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Project news

26.10.2017 at 18:10
Russian R&D Company Lumex-zashita Ltd is looking for a Finnish partner for development project application

We are looking for a leading Finnish partner to apply for development project and to participate in the works on the creation and development of an innovative compact, autonomous analytical…

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20.07.2017 at 12:07
Place your partner search note here!

Have an idea for the cross-border cooperation project but no partners? Welcome to use this platform to promote your idea and to find the most suitable organizations to create eligible…

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04.05.2017 at 10:05
Häme regional Finnish-Russian trade guild as partner

Häme (location Lahti, Finland) regional Finnish-Russian trade guild is presenting itself as partner for a cross-border cooperation project. Guild is established 1995 and has some 100 members (companies or private…

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