The Managing Authority (MA) of the Programme is part of the Regional Council of South Karelia’s organization (Cross Border Cooperation Unit) and located in Lappeenranta, Finland. The MA carries out the majority of operational and financial day-to-day tasks related to the overall implementation of the Programme. The MA works according to the annual work programme, which is approved by the Joint Monitoring Committee. The MA manages the projects’ application, evaluation and decision-making process, and it signs contracts with lead partners of the awarded projects. It verifies that performed services, supplies and/or works have been paid and that the procedures comply with applicable laws, rules and conditions for supporting cross-border cooperation actions. The MA also ensures that all relevant information is available for all target groups, draws up needed reports, records and stores data on each project necessary for monitoring, evaluation, financial management, control and audit. The MA is also responsible of the Programme’s visibility and communication activities.