PROGRAMME 2021-2027

Managing Authority of the South-East Finland – Russia CBC 2014-2020 Programme, assisted by its Russian branch office in St. Petersburg, coordinates the programming process of 2021-2027 Programme. Programming Committee (PC) is the decision-making body and it consists of six (6) members from Finland and six (6) members from Russia. News from the PC meetings and its composition are published on this page. Information of the programming process, surveys and consultations are made available from the left side navigation menu. The whole process is planned and implemented to allow participation for the programme’s partners, stakeholders and local population both in Finland and in Russia.


Seventh meeting took place on 10/12/2021 via Zoom on-line. The PC had discussions over the future Programme’s regulative and legal processes, including the national approvals in Finland and in Russia. The meeting reviewed the latest versions of the Programme documents and also, touched upon the branding issues. The preparation process is expected to be completed during January-March2022. The next meeting was agreed for February 2022. News bulletin link.

Sixth meeting took place on 08/10/2021 via Zoom on-line. The PC had discussions over the future Programme’s partnership, small-scale projects, management and operational functions, Simplified Cost Options and the Large Infrastructure Projects (LIPs). The next meeting was agreed for December 2021. News bulletin link.

Fifth meeting took place on 22/06/2021 via Zoom on-line. The PC had first discussions over the future Programme’s management structure draft, aimed to cover services for the whole Programme area and relevant stakeholders and, it made indicative allocations of the financial frame for each Specific Objective. The Committee fostered preparation of the large infrastructure projects and decided of the arrangements concerning the public hearing. The next meeting was agreed for October 2021. News bulletin link.

Fourth meeting took place on 22/04/2021 via Zoom on-line. The PC discussed of the content for the identified Specific Objectives and future Programme’s Communication Strategy. It got information and agreed on the process to select large infrastructure projects and reviewed options to use simplified cost options, and implementation of functional area tool. The PC also agreed the next phases to specify Programme indicators for the discussion in the next meeting. The next meetings were agreed for June and September 2021. News bulletin link.

Third meeting took place on 04/02/2021 via Zoom on-line. The PC identified Specific Objectives to be firstly included in the further programming and got information of preparation work of several issues to be discussed and decided accordingly. The PC agreed also the next steps to be taken to specify potential content of each priority. The next meetings were agreed for April and June 2021. News bulletin link.

Second meeting took place on 26/06/2020 via Zoom on-line. The PC decided of the Programme area, which shall consist of South Karelia, South-Savo and Kymenlaakso in Finland and St. Petersburg and Leningrad region in Russia. The PC identified Policy Objectives 1) “A smarter Europe”, 2) “A greener low-carbon Europe” and 3) “A more connected Europe”, as well as the Interreg Specific Objective 1) “A better cooperation governance for Europe” to be firstly included in the further programming. The Regional Council of South Karelia was approved to continue as the Managing Authority of the 2021-2027 Programme. The PC reviewed updated programming plan with the second consultation phase and decided of the next meetings taking place in October and December 2020. News bulletin link.

First meeting took place on 16/04/2020 via Zoom on-line. The PC decided of its composition and adopted its Rules of Procedures and the programming process plan for the years 2020-2021, including the related consultation phases. The meeting also authorized the current Managing Authority to carry on with the programming coordination. News bulletin link.


Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Employment
Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Regional Council of South Karelia
Regional Council of South Savo
Regional Council of Kymenlaakso
Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Southeast Finland

Ministry of Economic Development
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Committee for External Relations of Saint Petersburg
Committee for External Relations of Leningrad Region

European Commission has a permanent observer position in the Committee.