The lead partner and partners, as the beneficiaries, are responsible for using the programme funds only for the purposes allocated for the project implementation. The conditions of using funds are set in the Grant Contract and its annexes. The programme management bodies are responsible to manage and monitoring the programme according to the relevant rules and regulations. In case you suspect any irregularity, fraud or corruption relating to the operations of the South-East Finland – Russia CBC 2014-2020 Programme you may report your observations by filling in the suspected fraud form. Submitted forms are handled by the Managing Authority or by the Internal Auditor of the Regional Council of South Karelia.

Anti-Fraud statement_SEFRCBC 2014-2020_EN

Please describe the factual issues objectively and as accurately as possible, and explain how you became aware of the facts. If possible, include verifiable information. The form may be submitted anonymously or with the sender’s contact information.