Cross-Border Cooperation as part of the regional development – projects are launched and on-going

The South-East Finland – Russia CBC 2014-2020 is  Cross-Border Cooperation Programme financed jointly by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland, and which core region cover South Karelia, South-Savo and Kymenlaakso in Finland and Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region in Russia. Programme total financial frame is circa 77,5 million  euros.  

By funding Finnish-Russian joint projects, the programme aims at solving challenges that note no geographical borders. Projects that are selected for funding include for example culture-, tourism-, education- and research cooperation, economic and social development, or actions that aim at preventing environmental disasters and mitigate climate change. Projects also contribute to mobility among actors of regional relevance for sustainable development of the programme area and safety at the land and sea borders.  

In March 2019, the programme has finalized selection and approval of 41 projects within four rounds of calls, in total for circa 27,6 million euros. All 10 projects that were selected for funding from the first call have signed grant contract with the Managing Authority (MA) and have launched their actions. MA will follow-up and monitor funded projects by receiving reports of the project implementation and by carrying out on-site visits. Continuous communication and dialog with the projects act as a central tool to ensure that allocated funding is used according to approved work plan. MA also continues to grant and launch selected projects and will publish feature of each round of call according to its full commitment of funds. Each project is also introduced individually. 

Fifth call for proposals for standard projects will be closed on March 27, 2019. Therefore, partners from the Programme area still have a chance to formulate a joint project and contribute to the development of the region. 

Featuring CBC projects funded under the Call 1

EFREA (KS1054) aims to improve cross-border institutional framework in renewable energy production in the Arctic by developing guidelines, recommendations and educational materials on implementation of lightweight energy-independent, robust, environmentally safe and cost-effective structures able to operate in the extreme temperatures.   

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RAINMAN (KS1038) aims at answering the challenges that climate change and urban development pose to fresh water reservoirs. It focuses on the development of feasible and innovative tools to manage storm water, both in quantity and quality, in order to minimize discharge of nutrients and hazardous substances from urban areas to fresh water resources and the Gulf of Finland.

Project web-site:
Project in social media: #CBC_RAINMAN

DIGIFOR (KS1027) aims to increase the skills and competence of future workforce in the forest sector in the programme regions. The project will promote digital eLearning methods, international cooperation and connections between the working life and higher education institutes in the programme area.   

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INFUTURE (KS1006) aims at opening new attractive business opportunities and possibilities in the frame of inland waterways of Lake Saimaa and Volga-Balt area. Business potential is attracted by new knowledge-based innovations about environmentally friendly, cost-effective and sustainable transportation possibilities. 

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LUGABALT2 (KS1031) aims at developing environmental awareness and international interaction of target groups in Russian and Finnish pilot areas, involving wastewater treatment in rural territories, treatment of the waters from agriculture and also treatment of stormwaters with various measures. 

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STARTUP CONNECT (KS1016) will support start-up entrepreneurship and SME cooperation and form a community of active and motivated business leaders with ambitions and abilities for global success.  

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Corridor (KS1088) overall objective is to promote “St. Petersburg – Saimaa Lakeland travel corridor” as a distinct collection of travel services combining two unique destinations into one any-season tourism experience. 

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SAFECON (KS1134) aims to improve work safety competence of the construction industry in the cross-border area, in order to increase the productivity of the industry as well as reduce social costs and human harms. 

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Green InterTraffic (KS1144) aims at opening new attractive opportunities for the growth of the ‘green economy’, enlarging related market conditions and rising the openness of the regional power grid for new consumers and producers. 

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RiverGo (KS1022) objective is to increase cross-border cooperation, knowledge and awareness, both in Finland and Russia, to develop sustainable use of River Vuoksi environment and its natural resources. Project covers viewpoints of nature tourism, recreation and the maintenance and preservation of biodiversity and nature values amongst local inhabitants and visitors on both sides of the border. 

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  • South-East Finland – Russia CBC 2014-2020 
  • Financial frame 77,5 Mio € 
  • Core regions: South Karelia, South-Savo, Kymenlaakso, Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region 
  • Managing Authority: Regional Council of South Karelia 

Keywords from the first call: Agriculture, Arctic, Business, Climate, Culture, Education, Energy production, Energy-efficiency, Environment, e-Tools, Forest, Health, ICT, Innovation, Marine, Recreation, Research, Safety, Social development, Sustainable development, Tourism, Transportation, Urban, Waste management, Water management and Youth













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