International Conference on Design and Manufacturing of Arctic Structures (DMAS-2019) organized by EFREA project team

EFREA project press release

The DMAS-2019 International Conference, organized by LUT University will take place on 2 October 2019 at LUT University, hall 1318. The conference aims to provide a forum for networking and knowledge exchange among scientists, researchers, and industry related to manufacturing, welding and joining of Arctic structures, including renewable energy structures.

The conference provides exiting opportunity to share research results in a form of presentations and posters. We expect to have about 15-20 presentations and several posters on the following topics:

• Welding of HSS and UHSS for low temperature
• Steels structures and wind generator design
• Adaptive and robotic welding
• Welding procedures for wind generators
• Underwater welding
• Fatigue life estimation
• Ice-resistant and anticorrosion coatings

Accepted papers will be published in Key Engineering Materials journal (listed in Scopus). The conference is endorsed by Finnish Welding Society (SHY). Info:

Contact: Paul Kah, EFREA project manager
Email: paul.kah(at)
Telephone: +358 40 832 5061