DMAS conference participants

International Conference on Design and Manufacturing of Arctic Structures (DMAS-2019)

EFREA project press release

The DMAS conference held on 2.10.2019, hall 1318 at LUT University, Lappeenranta, Finland provided a forum for networking and knowledge exchange among scientists, researchers, and industry related to manufacturing, welding and joining of Arctic structures, including renewable energy structures. The conference was organized in a framework of ENI CBC EFREA project, which is financed by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland. There were 51 attendees in the DMAS conference on Wednesday 2.10.2019. Approximately half of the attendees were from Finnish companies and a half from LUT University and Russian project partners. The conference had good atmosphere and open discussion on the different main topics at the conference.

The main topics were:

1) Welding of HSS and UHSS for low-temperature condition
2) Robotic welding and other technology
3) Wind energy applications for arctic conditions


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